Working Remote in the Time of COVID-19

With the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 has brought, many businesses have kept their employees safe through remote work. Remoting from home is a great work alternative, as we practice social distancing in these difficult times, but working remote brings several issues that many may not be aware of.

Remote Solutions – VPN, LogMeIns, GoToMyPC: What do they do?

Knowing what a VPN is and how it works will help demonstrate why all of this is so important. Here we will cover the terms mentioned above and break down exactly what they do for your remote connection.

VPN tunnel– Secure and direct

“Like cars flying down a freeway, the internet is a busy and potentially dangerous place…”

Information is zipping across the internet at all times. As you can imagine, it can get quite hectic and dangerous. With so much information rushing about freely, who knows where it can end up? Like cars flying down a freeway, the internet is a busy place. There is bound to be an accident at some point.

Well, right now, you need to get to the doctor’s office, which sits across a six-lane highway and its rush-hour. This is where your “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) comes in. As you connect to your VPN, a private tunnel opens up, secure and just for you. Through this, you can make it to your doctors’ appointment safe and secure with the added benefit of anonymity.

“Your remote connection bypasses all the unsafe internet traffic through a VPN.”

Much like driving through a private tunnel, your remote connection bypasses all the unsafe internet traffic through a VPN. You can think of it as a direct connection from your remoting system to the system you are connecting through—or a direct road.

When you use LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, or any other similar service, supplied internet servers supply the secure connection from your home PC. Like renting a car or an Uber, this can prove a simple solution, although more expensive as you have to pay for the usage.

Now that we covered some of the terms regarding remote connection let’s discuss the safe practices while using a VPN in these times of COVID.

Sterilized and Clean – Work-supplied computers

Using a managed work-supplied computer is the safest option for working remotely. Systems equipped with managing software keep updated and monitored. Like a thermometer, this software makes sure your system is running as it should be. The second something goes wrong—*beep* *beep* *beep*—the software will alert your service technicians like doctors on call.

“Without a secure VPN, anyone can access your remote connection.”

With managing software, these systems are guaranteed to come equipped with all the security and tools required for a secure VPN connection and remote desktop connection. These computers come clean and prepared like well-washed hands. And much like hands, they have the potential to once more get dirty. It is vital to understand important remote practices while using even the safest systems.

When using any computer, never remote desktop directly through the internet. When connecting this way, you toss aside all the security measures that your business has taken to secure your remote connection. Without a secure VPN, anyone can access your remote connection.

Socially distance your computer – Personal Computers

As we take this time to socially distance, many are turning to their personal computers for work. To some, this may seem a dream, but without the proper remote security, your computer can act as a doorway for malicious activity.

“A personal computer can very from perfectly safe to dangerous and unprotected.”

While the office may have updated security software, your employees may be powering up outdated systems. Someone’s personal computer provides many unknown variables that your business has no way of knowing. A personal computer can vary from perfectly safe to dangerous and unprotected.

If you must use employees’ personal computers, applications such as LogMeIn or GoToMyPC provide safe channels for remote access. Without these secure connections, anyone on the prowl can dig through your connection and access sensitive data inside your business. These applications act as a buffer to protect your connections.

Think of this software as your computer’s safety mask. Software similar to LogMeIn and GoToMyPC allow you to socially distance your remote connection and keep safe from potential threats. Without this software, the risk of catching an infection is much, much higher. However, It is important to remember that the cost of use for these pieces of software can be high which is why supplying a personal VPN may be the preferred remote option.

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