It is important for you and your employees to stay informed and experienced in security training. With the right preparations, you can keep your business aware and active in the face of any malicious activity.

Drivetech offers an educational security training course to our PASS customers. This course provides helpful modules stocked with videos and questions to help hone your employee’s knowledge for good security practices.

Below we will cover 5 reasons as to why you should consider the security training offer through Drivetech. 


  1. It’s Free!

Our training program comes free of charge to all of our PASS customers. Upon request, we will provide any with a PII Protect account that comes with a full course that can be started at any time!


  1. Security Breach Check

One of the first things that a user will do once logged into our security training website will be to have their account checked for compromises. This quick scan will check to see if your email has been associated with any external data breaches. A short video is also provided to help inform users about data breaches. This offers peace of mind and trains you to begin thinking about your email and business security.


  1. HIPPA Training

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training is vital when dealing with Health Insurance data. It is required by law for any member of staff who handles sensitive health insurance information to receive HIPPA training. Through our course, we offer a full track to certification allowing any one of our PASS customers to become certified.

HIPPA certification covers many safe practices regarding passwords, and the sensitivity of information. With the ease of sharing information nowadays, it is important to stay aware and comply with HIPPA regulations.


  1. Tracked ESS Scores and Certificates

This entire process is brought together through the use of Employee Secure Scores (ESS). With a maximum score of 800, an ESS score is tailored to the individual and their course. This is a record of how well a user has done in their security training. Think of it like as a credit score, but for the use of security awareness. The higher the number, the more reliably the user can keep ahead of any security threats to themselves and their business. You can use the ESS page on the website to track your progress throughout the website and mange goals for your security training.


Bonus Feature - Micro Training


For an additional fee, our security training supplies one hundred snippet sized training videos known as Micro Training. These cover topics such as Spoofing Tips, Scam examples, Software Vulnerabilities, and more. On top of this addition, weekly training emails are sent to all employees along with simulated phishing campaigns to test employees’ vulnerabilities. With each one of these videos a short Micro Quiz is provided for your employees to put what they have learned to the test. On top of this addition, weekly training emails are sent to all employees along with simulated phishing campaigns to test employees’ vulnerabilities. These Micro videos and tests are a great and fast way to keep educated and well-informed on the latest IT security risks.


With these tips you can better inform yourself and your employees in proper security training. This is a tool open and ready to be used. So, request a link and begin your security awareness.

We will be happy to help!