Nobody wants a virus. Not a single person is hoping for malware or praying for a ransomware attack. These malicious threats are the demons that lurk throughout the internet, praying on unprotected systems. They can attack fast and destroy entire networks, leak sensitive information, or hold your data for ransom. So, how do we deal with an endless army of evil viruses? By building a layered wall of Anti-Virus solutions.

One thing malicious software will always do is attack unprotected systems. By sealing ways of entry, isolating threats, and deleting these threats, Anti-Virus forms a defense to rival the malicious attacks. As they say, “The best defense is a good offense.”

A layered system

Viruses are no longer stopped by basic AV software alone. Your windows defender, Webroot, Avast, and software like these are just the foot soldiers in a much larger defense unit. Now more than ever, it is vital to have multiple security solutions. You must match the malicious software in its ability to adapt and grow through varied protection.

Drivetech provides several layers of protection split into Basic and Advanced solutions:

Basic (Included in PASS)

  • AV Software
  • Crypto Prevent
  • Third Wall
  • DNS Filtering

Advanced (additional fees)

  • Rocket Cyber
  • Dark Cubed
  • Next Gen AV Software Cylance

Basic layers of protection

AV Software is your basic detection software used to detect and scan files or threats. This software deletes viruses off of your system once detected and is one of the most basic forms of virus protection a system can have. It is always important to have some form of basic AV Software on your system at all times.

Crypto Prevent is a robust anti-virus/anti-malware software that is used to protect against the rising threat of ransomware as well as other malicious software threats. As ransomware becomes an ever-increasing reality for all business it is vital to have some form of ransomware defense in place alongside your basic AV software.

Third Wall is an add-on provided to Drivetech’s PASS clients that is used to monitor and isolate ransomware threats. As stated, it is important to have many levels of retention within your virus protection environment. With ransomware being some of the post dangerous threats that face a business it is doubly important to have multiple ransomware preventions in place.

DNS Filtering filters internet requests and blocks known malicious websites that are listed within the CISCO company umbrella database. DNS filtering acts as a constant defense for dangerous internet website allowing for safe internet traversal.

Advanced Layers

Next Gen AV software take traditional antivirus software to an advanced level of security. It goes beyond file-based malware signatures with its system-centric, cloud-based approach of protection. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Next Gen AV Software predicts potential threats.

RocketCyber is an agent installed on every computer within an organization used to monitor and watch over system activities and connections. RocketCyber has extensive coverage for many cyber threats such as phishing, malware, ransomware, and much more. All systems are monitored by a Security Operations Center (SOC) 24x7 and in the event of an alert appropriate action is taken. This software goes well beyond the basic safety that is provided b basic Anti-Virus software.

Dark Cubed is a support service that scores the risk of every connection from the Internet to your network and automatically blocks those that can lead to cyber-attacks. Dark Cubed has been deployed within hundreds of organizations, many of which can provide examples of Dark Cubed in action displaying the threats that it has blocked. Dark Cubed is a non-intrusive service, and we think you’ll find it an affordable way to reduce the likelihood that your organization will be victimized.

This is just an overview of the several layers of Anti-Virus software used to protect your systems. There is much more to each step that we will cover in future posts. Stay tuned and stay informed!