Tired of email documents back and forth, between different laptops and computers? OneDrive gives you access to any document anywhere!

Accessing OneDrive online

You can access OneDrive online by signing in at: Portal.office.com

Uploading Files and Folders Online

With OneDrive, uploading your files and folders is as simple as a few button presses. You’ll have access to any document you want in no time!

Select Upload then select Files or Folders

  • From here select the files you wish to upload!

Alternatively, you can drag and drop files directly into OneDrive

Note: Uploading folders only works like this through Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

Creating Files and Folders

You are also able to create files directly through OneDrive instead of uploading files. This allows a streamlined process that makes sure all your files are right where they need to be!

Simply select New and then the File type you want to create!

To create a Folder, simply select New > Folder and rename it.

Deleting and Restoring Files

Deleting Files is as easy as just a few clicks. And for those times you accidentally delete the wrong file Restoring Files is just as easy! 

To Delete a file:

  • Select the file by clicking the small circle to the left of the file
  • Select Delete on the ribbon at the top of OneDrive.

To Restore a deleted file:

  • Select the Recycle Bin on the left side of OneDrive
  • Select the file by clicking the small circle to the left of the file
  • Select Restore

Your file will now re-appear at its original location!

Using OneDrive is a fast and simple way to keep all of your files organized and easy to access! Go on and make the best of everything OneDrive has to offer!