How to share documents in Microsoft Word

Being able to easily share and collaborate on important documents is vital to the work place and luckily Microsoft Word allows for simple and efficient document sharing!

Sharing Documents

Why email a document across your business when you can simply share it with everyone? Through sharing you can also allow individual users to edit and comment on the document as needed helping centralize all communication onto one document!

To share a document:

  1. Select Share at top right
  2. Save it to OneDrive
  3. Name your document
  4. Select Permissions
  5. Add people
  6. Type a message and hit Send!

Everyone should now get a link to the shared document!

Real-time Collaboration

Through shared documents Microsoft Word allows users to interact with the document simultaneously. With this tool there is no need to send documents back and for forth for continuous edits!

To collaborate on a document simply open the link for the shared document and it will open in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Teams.

Note: you can see other users working other document through the colored presence indicators

Comments are a useful tool for adding notes for other users to review. To post a comment:

  • Highlight the area in which you would like to comment
  • Select New Comment underneath the Review tab
  • You can add an @mention in the comment to direct a specific person to the comment
    • This will email them!

Track Changes is a tool that allows you to track edits made in a document. With track changes you can approve any previous changes or undo any unwanted changes. To begin making Track Changes:

  • Under the Review tab, go to tracking and select Track Changes

Word will now capture all changes made on the document. Deletions are marked with a strikethrough, and additions are made with an underline.

This is an example of Track Changing!

To Accept or Reject a Track change:

  • Right-click the change and select Accept or Reject
    • This is also possible from the Review tab under Changes

Using these tools, your team will collaborate efficiently on shared documents, saving time and effort!