As an MSP, we strive to keep up-to-date with our client's current needs and requirements. Over the past decade, we have expanded and adjusted with the rapidly growing MSP industry. Today, we’re going to take a brief look at how Drivetech has changed over the past ten years,

What is an MSP?

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, is a third-party company that remotely manages a customer’s IT needs. An MSP covers services such as: network, application, infrastructure and security via ongoing support and active involvement. MSPs are evolving services that dedicate themslves to providing their customers with the best and most current IT services. Drivetech provides our clients with proactive support for their business.

Break/Fix Era

Before Drivetech stepped into the role of an MSP, the company had primarily used the fee-for-service model, or break/fix. We worked with many home users, taking in requests and providing reactive IT support. Users were charged as-needed. At the time, computer issues and services were comparatively simpler to fix, leading to a more stable estimation of billing.

With the rapidly evolving technical landscape, this as-needed service has become obsolete. Break/fix is a reactive approach in an industry that requires proactive assistance. It is far more efficient to protect and prepare than to try to fix something already beyond saving. Because of this, Drivetech transitioned into the Helpdesk Support system and transitioned into an MSP.

Helpdesk Support

To keep up with the increasing needs of business IT infrastructure, Drivetech adopted the Helpdesk MSP support method. Drivetech technicians were trained on this new method and its new Helpdesk software and tools. With these tools, customer computers were placed on monthly managed services which provided the proactive service required for modern IT. This kept systems constantly patched and up-to-date, allowing Drivetech to catch potential issues with our client’s systems. And even still, there was more room for Drivetech to develop.

Security and Data Backups

While the IT industry evolved, so did the cyber criminals that threatened our customers and business. In response, Drivetech began offering comprehensive security with proactive system screening that aimed to catch any malicious. This was not a simple process. Drivetech had to work through several different security options, learning the tools and the benefits of each to provide the best service for our clients.

While the world adjusted to these security threats, Drivetech had to learn and train new compliance regulations. On top of that, Drivetech began offering data backup options such as DATTO and Replibit, which provided a our clients a safe and simple form of data recovery.

AI and Your Business

The rise of Artificial Intelligence possesses a significant threat to many small businesses. Used as an attack tool, AI programs are developing faster, never-before-seen methods of compromising your data and privacy. Through identity fraud, data breaches, and more AI is a threat not to be ignored. It is through constant research and diligence that Drivetech aims to evolve and develop to combat this threat.

Drivetech has had years of growth. Through updated business practices, new software and training, as well as a slew of security certifications and backup solutions, we have dedicated our last decade to providing our clients with the best possible coverage.