Is Your Intellectual Property Safe?

Intellectual property is one of the hardest things to guard, especially in a world where a person can save a piece and host it on their own server and never be ...

How to Make Sure You Don’t Accidentally Sabotage Your Social Media

Here is some solid advice from a professional marketing adviser that will help you avoid self-sabotage via social media. Look at the list below and compare it to your own efforts. ...

Verizon Kept Their Wireless Services Up for Sandy Victims

Mike Haberman, a Verizon Wireless executive, was hit directly by Hurricane Sandy. Due to some quick thinking, he managed to stay online during the entire storm and work from his home ...

One Secret to Finding Quality, Profitable Clients

Most people assume that marketing is a one way road. You market to a particular segment, make a promotional offer, and hope they choose you. Or, you market to the same ...

Making Old Marketing Concepts Seem New with These Tips

Is advertising on the same places in the same way not bringing you business like it used to? It’s probably because your core audience is sick of seeing the same thing, ...


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