The Seven Layers of Protection

Nobody wants a virus. Not a single person is hoping for malware or praying for a ransomware attack. These malicious threats are the demons that lurk throughout the internet, praying on unprotected systems. They can attack fast and destroy entire ...

I did X! Am I at Risk?

Oh no…maybe I shouldn’t have clicked that link! Or downloaded that file. Or opened that email!? We’ve all been there. Yes, even us technicians. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just what’s real and what’s fake. But fear not! We’ve got ...

4 Reasons to consider security training

It is important for you and your employees to stay informed and experienced in security training. With the right preparations, you can keep your business aware and active in the face of any malicious activity. Drivetech offers an educational security ...

How to Keep Remote Work Safe

Working Remote in the Time of COVID-19 With the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 has brought, many businesses have kept their employees safe through remote work. Remoting from home is a great work alternative, as we practice social distancing in these ...


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